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Broadfix Shims

Say the word “plastic,” and you will hear mixed opinions on the topic. Some people mention the impact of litter, with 1.15 million to 2.41 million tons of plastic entering the ocean yearly. Others cite all the benefits of plastic: reduced weight, reduced package, and even construction applications. Plastic is critical in constructing vehicles, machinery, commercial, and residential properties.

Broadfix is a provider of plastic, composite, and wood shims. The company manufactures a comprehensive range of shims for numerous applications, including doors, windows, countertops, kitchen cabinets and more. Plastic shims have multiple advantages over their wooden counterparts. Plastic does not rot, shrink, or swell, is termite-proof, and only compresses under high loads. Click here for a brief company video.

We received various versions of Broadfix’s plastic shims for testing, which we immediately took to the nearest home building job site for feedback. Our testers used the shims for a full day, finalizing a new kitchen installation. Each tester commented that they preferred plastic shims for increased efficiency and ease of use.

If your store carries shims, Broadfix could be your one-stop solution.

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