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BrandTrackerPro Helps Retailers Manage Co-op Funds

Tired of juggling dozens of spreadsheets to try and manage your available co-op funds? The wait is over. After years of development and beta testing, is live. was developed expressly because the founders personally understood the dire need for a better way to manage all these moving parts while being buried in countless spreadsheets and folders, none of which were connected or communicating with each other. Now they are.

BrandTrackerPro’s Co-Op Management resource puts that information at your fingertips. Your customized dashboard will provide you with a quick view of the entire funding journey like never before with printable and downloadable status reports of tracking all your marketing.  

Everything Marketing, Everything Co-Op-In One Place

Knowledge is power and with you will be able to both increase your available funding visibility and ensure you are both maximizing the use of available funds for local marketing and more importantly, increasing bottom line by having a streamlined method for speeding the reimbursement process and tracking.

Everything from negotiating and quantifying your funds, storing marketing schedules and ad content, direct to manufacturer pre-approvals and e-claims. Never miss another claim deadline again or be searching for the needed documentation to file your claim. You will increase your bottom line by eliminating mistakes with our built-in claims warning system.

Check your Dashboard anytime for a quick and easy overview of your annual marketing status and commitments. All that information will be in one place. You are only click away from harnessing all of this at

Retail and Distributor Co-Op Marketing Solutions

The company can download AR Data into the Brand Files to assist with managing all the details of your co-opportunities or you can customize your own content that will easily duplicate itself year over year. Highlight all funding opportunities.

Often, the tool is bringing new funding sources to the forefront and coaching you on how to best negotiate co-op funding and insert new data for tracking usage. Your Dashboard will give you an instant overview of the entire co-op marketing journey, from determining manufacturer contacts, negotiating to quantifying funding, developing compliant content and content pre-approvals. You can track utilized funding and see current fund balances and take advantage of instant, easy co-op fund claiming.

Attach your documents saved inside of, hit send and your money is on its way back to you, where it belongs. BrandTrackerPro Works for you!

Your system will monitor and generate friendly reminders for claim deadlines and fund expiration dates a full 60 days prior. That will give you plenty of time to still use available manufacturer money for local marketing. More marketing translates to more sales. Print reports anytime by brand, deadline, media used, available funding and more. will insure you are onboarded by working hand and hand with you to get relevant data downloaded and you will be off to the races. Tutorials are available online or in person to learn best practices, making sure you are getting the very most out of the partnership.

The company founder and president, Tim Marceau, has unapparelled experience, with three decades of direct co-op advertising experience as well as working in retail and media. He is uniquely qualified to understand your challenges and the value proposition of an organization from every angle.

BrandTrackerPro offers affordable monthly and annual subscription rates with no large upfront investment. BrandTrackerPro has a solution and budget to fit any size business. Go to or call Marceau at 802-777-9096 to schedule a demonstration and see if is the right fit for your business.

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