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Bosch Self-Leveling 360° Cross-line Laser

The Robert Bosch Tool Corp. GLL50-50G is a green beam self-leveling 360° cross-line laser. The green laser is four times brighter than traditional red beam and has a working distance up to 100 feet. The laser line can be quick changed from cross-line to either a horizontal or vertical plane using a simple rocker button.

The unit has a full rubber housing to absorb impacts without damaging the laser. The housing has an IP (Ingress Protection) 64 rating, making it dust tight and water resistant. The bottom has a built-in tripod screw mount for increased versatility.

When turned on with the thumb slider button the tool’s smart pendulum system immediately broadcasts a green cross-beam and self-levels. If the beam cannot be self-leveled, then the laser will flash a few times to indicate the beam is not level. Included in the case is an L-bracket and clip. The L-bracket contains rare earth magnets for improved holding strength and a keyhole for hanging. The clip and L-bracket are designed to work together for additional application use like a drop ceiling.

The GLL50-40G came just in time for one of our testers, who began his kitchen remodel a day before the tool arrived. Our tester had an older red laser level and could not believe the difference in visibility provided by the green laser, especially in a sun-drenched room. He also commented on the intuitive design and “right out of the box” use and that there was no need to read complex directions or search through complex menus. The GLL50-50 is an outstanding cross-line laser with a compact, rugged design, making it a great addition to any hardware store’s product mix.

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