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Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Lasers

  • Bosch-GLL3-330CGDeliver accuracy, long range and convenient all-in-one job layout to meet a variety of tasks on the jobsite. The self-leveling lasers provide a 360° horizontal plane and two 360° vertical planes with references that cover the floor, wall and ceiling to serve all leveling needs.
  • The GLL3-330C (red beam) and GLL3-330CG (green beam) are Bluetooth® connected. With upgraded diodes and brighter beams, these plane lasers offer a visible range up to 200 ft. diameter, increasing to 330 ft. diameter when paired with optional Bosch LR8 or LR 6 receiver.
  • The GLL3-330CG’s green laser diodes generate green lines up to 4 times brighter than standard red beams. The two lasers have dual power technology to accommodate either a Bosch 12V Max Lithium-ion battery or 4 AA batteries.
  • Users can control the operation remotely with a smartphone and the Bosch Leveling Remote App. All lasers feature Bosch-exclusive VisiMax Technology, which monitors the laser’s temperature to ensure maximum diode performance.

Robert Bosch Tool Corp.

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