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SuperScan™ Stud Finder

• SuperScan™ “Kx” advanced stud finders feature breakthrough Target Control™ (TC™) Technology. The “Kx” family of advanced stud finders represents the culmination of years of technological development by the company.

• Zircon equates TC™ to the “black box” control unit of a car. Zircon’s new TC™ works similarly—with multiple sensors streaming data, combined with sophisticated intelligence controlling the result – to virtually eliminate “false positive” stud indications.

• By analyzing complex data streams from multiple sensors and simultaneously controlling the result, TC™ lets users avoid all things metallic, such as plumbing, conduit, straps, brackets, or ducts hiding in the wall. Additionally, TC™ helps avoid other low signal-strength, non-metallic targets, including plastic pipe, PEX tubing, wiring and more.

• The K1 advanced stud finder is a feature-rich tool at an affordable price, optimized for interior drywall. A step above, the K2 model additionally offers Zircon’s patented DeepScan® mode for double the scan depth through multi-layer surfaces like paneling and flooring up to 1-½ in. thick.

Zircon Corp.

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