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Jack Link’s

Legend 10 oz. Jerky Deal with Free Rack

Purchase 2 cases of each flavor out of your RSC and receive a FREE spinner rack!

Cost is $9.83 w/hc each bag from your RSC
$78.64 a Case

@ $13.99 SR that’s a $4.16 profit
@ $14.99 SR that’s a $5.16 profit

  • A clear bag allows consumers to see that the jerky is moist and tender, and that there’s enough in the bag to warrant the price
  • Made simply with a list of ingredients, like brown sugar, that consumers understand
  • Authentic connection to Jack Link’s history provides an inherent element of trustworthiness that consumers yearn for
  • Leverages Jack Link’s iconic identity of the steer horns and core red color

Contact Marissa @ 708-674-3399 or marissa@pssimail.com to receive your rack or with questions.

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