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HOLLANDLAC Brilliant 98

  • HOLLANDLAC Brilliant 98 is a high-performance, marine-quality enamel, unequaled in its ability to provide maximum protection and depth of color. Available in white, 10,000 FPE colors and an unlimited number of custom tinted colors.
  • Now with an even higher sheen, it possesses a mirror-like luminescence that may be used subtly or dramatically to create focus, space and light.
  • The densely pigmented formulation provides superior coverage and hiding power. High concentrations of costly, color-fast pigments result in colors that resist fading. HOLLANDLAC Brilliant 98 White is virtually non-yellowing. 
  • Its unique self-leveling and filling properties result in a finish that dries to a beautiful, durable, porcelain-like surface whether applied by brush or spray. It does not require primer when applied over clean, previously painted oil finishes in good condition. 

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