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HELL-ION 18V Turbo Charger

  • Boost power tool productivity and performance while minimizing downtime with Bosch’s new “HELL-ION” 18V high-powered 16-amp turbo charger, which delivers 8 times the charging current of its standard counterparts.
  • The GAL18V-160C 16-Amp Battery Turbo Charger offers fast and faster lithium-ion battery charging to get the user back to work. The charger offers Power Boost Mode, which charges a CORE18V 8.0Ah Lithium-ion battery to 50 percent charge in 15 minutes or to 80 percent in 26 minutes. It is compatible with Bosch 18V lithium-ion batteries.
  • The new charger is also the first of its kind to offer battery diagnostics via connectivity. It can connect via Bluetooth Connectivity Module (GCY42 sold separately) to a smart device to enable more control over charging preferences and allow the user to monitor charging levels and status.
  • Two additional charging functions—Max Lifetime and Storage modes—are available through Bosch’s Toolbox App to help pros get the most out of each battery’s lifetime. With the help of the connectivity module, a user has the option to stay notified and informed on all charging activities.

Robert Bosch Tool Corp.

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