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FeatherLITE® Hose

FeatherLITE® Garden Hose is designed to solve the most basic and common problem with a garden hose—kinking.

This strong and durable hose is made in the U.S.A with an exclusive polymer compound that is lighter than traditional PVC.

Offers innovative Smart Hose® technology that uses a two-part process to reduce kinks. Exclusive spinning male coupling allows the hose to unwind itself during hose setup, while exclusive inner tube incorporates an internal rod and two inner fins that run the length of the hose. These interior components work to prevent twisting and kinking as well as maintaining a continuous flow of water through the hose.

Features a Guard-N-Grip 2.0 Connector that allows for a secure, leak-proof connection to any faucet without use of a wrench.

Flexon Industries

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