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    Just read your article and I agree 100%!

    Kent Porter
    Porters Building Centers

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    Just received the Jan/Feb edition. What a great layout. The resolution is super and the writing brisk. Just perfect for an iPad. Certainly far ahead of your old, stodgy competitors.

    I also appreciate the very fine article on the water-saving One2flush. As I mentioned on the phone, orders began arriving immediately upon publication of the story. Awareness leads to trials, and trials lead to repeat purchases. What more could we ask.

    Wishing you continued success,

    Patrick Hanna

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    “Love the look and easy to read. Great work!”

    Annette Krznarich
    You Find USA
    Milwaukee, WI

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    “Thanks for The Hardware Connection link. I had a look at it and like what I see. By the way, I love the user interface.”

    Ron Sherring
    Industrial Plastics & Paints (Ace Hardware)
    Victoria, BC, Canada

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    “A really good-looking magazine. The neat thing about this digital magazine is that it allows you to go directly to web sites or send e-mails directly to advertisers or columnists because all the links are hot.”

    Dick Beal
    Retired hardware retailer
    Merritt Island, FL

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    “I just finished reading the current issue and thought you did a great job in providing useful, down-to-earth information and ideas for retailers. I was most impressed.”

    Bob Vereen
    Industry Consultant/Author
    Indianapolis, IN

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    “Wow!!!!! I love your new magazine!! Great articles and insights! I hope to make it down next year for your conference. Keep up the good work!”

    Dave Wolfe
    Wolfe Ace Hardware
    Lincoln, NE

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    “It looks very, very good to me. The articles are well written with current info and for the most part they are straightforward and to the point. What we are always interested in (as are we all) is a forum to be able to talk with other independent retailers about what trends are currently happening, dealer input on products, 4th quarter sales ideas, etc. I also like the new item info—sometimes those things slip by, especially when you may have back-to-back shows to go to.”

    Stan Mattoon
    Tri-State Ace Hardware
    Moscow, ID

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    “I like the format! I think you have a winner. I have two dealers that I want you to add on your list.”

    James W. Maze
    Ace Hardware of Warsaw
    Warsaw, IN

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    “Tom, this looks great! Love the idea, content, looks and focus.”

    Tom Green
    Mayer Paint and Hardware
    Rochester, NY

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