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Orgill Announces Changes to Executive Team

From l to r: John Sieggreen, Chris Freader and Phillip Walker were recently promoted at Orgill.
From l to r: John Sieggreen, Chris Freader and Phillip Walker were recently promoted at Orgill.»

Orgill has announced a number of changes in the executive teams at Orgill and Tyndale Advisors. These changes are designed to help more closely align Orgill and the efforts of Central Network Retail Group (CNRG) and Tyndale Advisors to provide the distributor and its customers with broader retail insights and support.

Phillip Walker, who had previously served as Orgill’s senior vice president of merchandising services, has assumed the role of president of Tyndale Advisors. Chris Freader has been promoted to vice president of merchandising services for Orgill and will lead its conversion, store design and retail services teams. John Sieggreen was previously named Orgill’s executive vice president of retail and will continue to serve as president of CNRG.

“We started Tyndale Advisors in 2010 as we began planning for CNRG, which we launched in 2011,” says Orgill’s President and CEO Boyden Moore. “From the beginning, our plan was to build the management and technical infrastructure that we would need to manage CNRG inside of Tyndale Advisors so that we could share that infrastructure, insight and tools with all Orgill dealers.”

Currently CNRG successfully operates 109 retail stores comprising 16 different brands, in markets throughout the United States. Orgill utilizes the insights and information gathered from these varied store brands to test and improve retail programs, services, assortments and merchandising ideas that it makes available to all of its retail customers.

“Because we operate stores under different brands in different markets, we have access to a very unique resource for gathering real-world retail insights at CNRG,” says Sieggreen. “We actually refer to our various brands as a laboratory of sorts, where we gather information on which products, programs, and services work best. By doing so, we assist Tyndale and Orgill Retail Services in providing services to Orgill customers of all formats and sizes. What we’re doing is truly unique in the industry.”

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