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House-Hasson Names Hanegan as Senior Vice President

House-Hasson Hardware has hired longtime industry veteran Jason Hanegan to fill the newly created leadership post of senior vice president sales, growth and development.

Jason Hanegan

“There’s no doubt that Jason will demonstrate that we made the right decision in asking him to join House-Hasson,” said Steve Henry, House-Hasson president and CEO. “He’s a valuable addition to our leadership team, is establishing strong personal relations with our dealers, and will do a great job leading our sales and support staff.”

Hanegan served as a consultant for House-Hasson before being named to the new position. Hanegan will oversee a sales staff of 65 that serves dealers in 23 states and the Caribbean.

“House-Hasson is legendary for its role as a hardware products distributor and its service to dealers,” Hanegan said. “Reflecting on what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to be, House-Hasson has it all: It’s a privately-held, family-owned company with 118 years of selling goods that people need and want, and it’s enabling the success of independent dealers on whom their stores’ customers depend. House-Hasson is a company with a marvelous legacy and a great future. And beyond that, it doesn’t take long to love living in East Tennessee.”

House-Hasson departments that will report to Hanegan include customer service, marketing, retail services, sales, and strategic retail management.

“House-Hasson will be aggressive with process improvement, expansion into new markets, and developing tools for our customers to be better retailers, all while maintaining our local touch,” Hanegan said. “Everyone at House-Hasson comes to work every day with a servant mentality and determined to be better today than we were yesterday, for our customers’ benefit.”

As Hanegan steps into his new role, he has identified a list of 20 initiatives focused on company performance and industry best practices. He is also analyzing policies and procedures to ensure their effectiveness in serving House-Hasson’s customers, according to Henry.

“Jason has more than 20 years of experience in building and leading regional and national sales teams, business development, process improvement, and change management,” Henry said. “He’s accomplished this for regional, national, and international hardlines wholesalers.”

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