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House-Hasson Growth Reflected in June Show, Acquisition of Bostwick-Braun

With record dealer and vendor attendance at House-Hasson’s Summer Dealer Market in Sevierville, Tenn., the distributor is looking to larger venues for future shows. The company will hold its Fall Dealer Market at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, N.C., October 10-12.

House-Hasson Hardware’s recent leap of expansion was evident during the distributor’s Summer Dealer Market at the Sevierville Convention Center in Sevierville, Tenn., June 14-15.

The June show for House-Hasson was a landmark event, marking significant milestones for the company while offering dealers a wealth of deals. The show featured more than 100 Bonus Buy merchandisers, offering discounts as high as 59 percent on select items.

During the Summer Dealer Market, House-Hasson showcased its upcoming shift to a new Profit Point ordering system, which will gradually replace the Etoolbox system. A soft release was scheduled for late June, and this new system promises to streamline operations for dealers, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

A number of Bostwick-Braun dealers attended House-Hasson’s June Dealer Market following House-Hasson’s acquisition of the Ohio-based distributor.

“The search is extremely fast. Dealers will notice a huge difference from what they are previously used to,” said J. Bonnell, chief information officer and vice president of technology systems.

As House-Hasson continues to expand, the Fall Dealer Market will move to a new location at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, N.C., October 10-12. This move reflects the company’s recent and future growth and its need for larger venues to accommodate the increasing number of dealers and vendors who want to attend.

Among those attending the June Dealer Market were a number of Bostwick-Braun dealers, following House-Hasson’s recent acquisition of the Ohio-based distributor, a deal that was finalized on June 28.

House-Hasson Finalizes Acquisition of Bostwick-Braun

The House-Hasson Summer Dealer Market featured more than 100 Bonus Buy merchandisers, offering discounts as high as 59 percent on select items.

House-Hasson Hardware finalized the acquisition of Bostwick-Braun soon after the Summer Dealer Market. This move adds two warehouses in Indiana and Arkansas, along with more than 45,000 SKUs to House-Hasson’s existing 55,000 SKU inventory. This expansion positions House-Hasson to strengthen its presence in multiple states, enhancing its service capabilities for independent hardware stores and lumberyards.

“Our focus is dealer profitability, and that focus is the reason for this acquisition,” said Steve Henry, president and CEO of House-Hasson. The addition of the Arkansas warehouse will enhance service to customers in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and other Southwestern states, while the Indiana warehouse opens opportunities in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and beyond. This strategic expansion is set to bolster House-Hasson’s reach and efficiency across a broader geographic area.

Steve Henry, president and CEO of House-Hasson, thanked dealers for their attendance and invited them to join what the company anticipates will be an even larger group of vendors at the Fall Dealer Market in Charlotte, N.C. 

The acquisition of Bostwick-Braun began with a letter of intent on March 19, 2024, and was officially finalized on June 28. It significantly expands House-Hasson’s operational capacity to approximately 1.3 million square feet of warehouse space across its four locations. Moreover, 75 former Bostwick-Braun employees have joined the House-Hasson team, bringing the distributor’s total workforce to 532.

“We’re delighted to have these great people join us,” Henry said. “Throughout the due diligence process, we’ve been impressed with their work and their commitment to our focus on dealer service and profitability.”

This latest acquisition by House-Hasson strengthens its position as America’s largest independent regional hardware distributor.

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