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Epicor Delivers Updates to Epicor Industry ERP Cloud Portfolio

Epicor, a global leader of industry-specific enterprise software designed to promote business growth, has introduced a variety of new features across the latest release of the Epicor Industry ERP Cloud portfolio, including updates for Epicor Kinetic for manufacturing, Epicor Prophet 21 for distribution and Epicor BisTrack for building supply.

The new updates seek to deliver on the company’s continued commitment to build people-centric, open and connected industry productivity solutions that help the essential businesses that make, move and sell the things everyone needs succeed in today’s complex market.

“We are on a journey with our customers to help them take advantage of the agility, integration, and security that cloud delivers,” said Steve Murphy, Epicor CEO. “The new capabilities across our latest release of the Epicor Industry ERP Cloud portfolio empower our customers with the deep, industry-specific capabilities, integrations and business process automations they require to grow their businesses and boost profitability.”

As companies contend with an array of challenges including operational efficiency, supply chain disruption, workforce complexities and changing customer expectations for digital connectedness, the need for flexible, insights-driven industry productivity solutions has never been greater. In fact, according to the latest Epicor Industry Insights Report 2021, 94 percent of business leaders surveyed stated the cloud is critical to future-proofing their business, and 82 percent said Covid-19 had accelerated their cloud migration plans.

The latest updates across the Epicor Industry ERP Cloud portfolio are built to deliver a variety of integration, automation and performance capabilities that help customers stay ahead of these challenges and maximize the power of their data.

This includes the introduction of Epicor Automation Studio, a low code integration and synchronization tool embedded natively in Epicor Kinetic and Epicor Prophet 21 that empowers users to connect their data and automate workflows both within their Epicor solutions as well as with more than 1,000 applications and databases.

Additional Epicor platform updates include:

Epicor Kinetic for Manufacturing

• Epicor CPQ elevates the selling experience and streamlines production through visual product configuration, dynamic pricing, document generation and more. The recent enhancements provide richer integration points across Epicor CPQ for quoting, sales orders and jobs allowing businesses to improve operational efficiency.

• Epicor Commerce Connect is a cloud-based, fully integrated, omnichannel digital commerce system that seamlessly integrates your online store with Epicor Kinetic. The recent enhancements drive ease of use and increase efficiency through broadening language packs, enabling payment on account and additional support for backorder processing.

• Epicor Application Studio provides an easier and faster way to configure your Epicor Kinetic environment. The newest features allow you to access tool tips on all components and events, retrieve default search options for tables and become familiar with the new web-based design surface.

• Dynamic Documents gives Kinetic users the flexibility to design their own forms and drive business actions within the platform.

Epicor Prophet 21 for Distribution

• Epicor CPQ integration that allows for a seamless connection between sales and operational data, helping improve demand, planning and production.

• Smart Inventory Planning & Optimization integration through a set of native web applications, providing a single, easy-to-use and scalable environment with proven inventory and forecast modeling that optimizes inventory stocking policy and improves forecast accuracy.

• Epicor Report Studio offers more robust reporting options, advanced filters for complex analysis and easier access to data sources, enhancing the overall performance and ease of the platform.

• Epicor Identity Provider (IdP) provides additional security for cloud customers by serving as an identity aggregator. With the recent release, single sign-on with IdP will now be supported for a variety of Epicor applications.

Epicor BisTrack for Building Supply

• Epicor CPQ integration updates including an improved 3D configurator helping customers see finished product installed in their environment.

• Geotab fleet management integration to more easily track vehicle location and status.

• Epicor ECM Accounts Payable automation that helps streamline business document processes and reduce errors through elegant, intuitive designs that are easy to learn and understand.

For more information about the Epicor Industry ERP Cloud portfolio and latest updates, please visit Epicor’s website.

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