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ECI to Conclude Ecommerce Master Class Webinar Series for LBM Professionals 

ECI Software Solutions, a global provider of comprehensive cloud-based business management software solutions and services, will host their third and final Ecommerce Master Class Series webinar for lumber and building materials (LBM) professionals to demonstrate the benefits of implementing ecommerce through a single, connected software solution.  

The third class is designed to help small- and medium-sized home and building supply retailers explore the end-to-end buisness managment process available in a single software—from purchasing and inventory, through delivery, accounting and business analytics—with a demonstration of ECI’s Spruce eCommerce, a cloud-based building materials ecommerce solution. 

During the third class, attendees will learn:  

·         How the Spruce ERP + eCommerce combination is tailored to transform LBM business operations, creating seamlessness and space for growth  

·         Why integration between ecommerce and core business management software is crucial for transaction tracking, inventory and financials 

·         Challenges when working between two disparate systems vs an integrated one 

·         To create sleek, attractive websites using simple drag-and-drop modules that require no coding or web development skills 


Alexandra Ahlfield, LBM regional ecommerce consultant, ECI Software Solutions 

Keith Getz, Senior Sales Engineer, ECI Software Solutions 

To register for this free event, visit 

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