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Do it Best Announces Strengthened E-Commerce Platform and Endorsed Partnership with Epicor

Nick Talarico, right, announced a strengthened ecommerce platform and an endorsed partnership with Epicor.

Nick Talarico, who recently took over new responsibilities as vice president of eCommerce for Do it Best Corp., had several major announcements to make during a Market Central conversation with host Evan McBroom, which was captured on video and available for viewing by members during the co-op’s Spring Virtual Market that kicked off February 11.

Talarico said, “It’s been an exciting month since we announced our commitment to enhance our team…and strengthen our ecommerce platform. Ecommerce is a basic, integrated part of successful retail. Businesses that do well do both—in-store and online. If you’re not already using our ecommerce platform, it’s time to get on it now, even if you don’t yet have a compliant POS system. Your customers are expecting you to meet them where they are. And if you’re already on our platform, but not on our Professional Plan, it’s time to move to it so you can use our platform to its greatest potential right now. This will give you the ability to offer same day pickup and give your customers the choice to shop your store before they walk in.

He continued, “So, if you’re on our platform but your point-of-sale system isn’t compatible for same-day pickup, it’s time to upgrade your POS now. We have a number of compliant providers to choose from. And we have for a while…but today, I’m really excited to announce an exclusively endorsed partnership with Epicor that will offer Do it Best members a next level of service capabilities. Here’s what you can expect:

● Improved pricing structure for new users of all of Epicor’s products.

● Dedicated teams at Do it Best and Epicor committed to shortening the development time for service enhancements. This ensures your POS is a market leader with the latest features.

● A much closer partnership on integrations, allowing for access to real time data between your POS and Do it Best…so your system is moving as fast as you are.

● More powerful intelligence and data analytics so you know what products are selling—what products you should be selling—and tracking your inventory levels in real time.

            Talarico added, “There’s a lot more to come and we’ll be sharing a lot more details with members in the coming weeks. We’re investing in platform improvements that will have a big impact.

● First, we’re moving quickly to speed up our platform and make it more responsive.

● We’re re-engineering the programming behind the customer checkout function to streamline that process, driving down the rate for abandoned carts.

● We’ve already made…and will continue to make…improvements to the search engine experience.

● And tackling content.

Talarico concluded, “I’m really looking forward to sharing more on this initiative very soon—it’ll be a game-changer! I’ll close by saying to our members, ‘We’ve heard you.’ Our commitment to ecommerce is a big one that tackles current needs while planning for the future. It’ll be filled with short-term gains… and long-term growth. There’s billions in ‘same day in-store pickup’ opportunities and it’s growing every day. Our initiative, led by a top-notch team and a strategy to execute with excellence, will ensure our members can grab more than their share of the market. And you’ll be able to stay up-to-date on all our platform improvements, industry best practices, trends and opportunities in the new Excellence in Ecommerce podcast that will be launching soon.”

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