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100-Year Dream Comes True at Neu’s Hardware

Margaret Krebs, a few weeks shy of 100 years old, fulfilled her lifelong dream of working in a hardware store. She worked as a cashier at Neu’s Hardware in Menomonee Falls, Wis.

Margaret Krebs is turning 100 on August 26, 2022, and one of her bucket list items left unchecked was to work at a hardware store. Her family reached out to the folks at Neu’s Hardware in Menomonee Falls, Wis., to see if they could help make that dream come true for her—it was an honor to help out, according to Neu family members.

Mike and his team at Neu’s Hardware helped make the wish official by outfitting Margaret with a Neu’s apron (with her name on it) and getting her set behind the cash register at the checkout, writes Judy Steffes for the Washington County Insider.

“You know how we checked out years ago,” said Margaret. “We wrote it on a piece of paper.”

Michelle Neu, company vice president, could relate. “When my grandfather started this business 75 years ago that’s how it was,” she said. “They had just a cash register with a crank wheel. I think we still have one of those in the basement somewhere.”

Margaret grew up on a farm in St. Lawrence, Wis. “That was one thing I always wanted to do was work at a hardware store. I don’t know why … but here I am,” she said.

Armed with a scanner gun and some advice from her great grandchildren Margaret rang up her first sale.

“Just beep the lines,” said her youngest great grandson.

“I do what,” questioned Margaret as a beep sounded.

“Good job great grandma,” said the boy.

“That’ll be $3.05. Do you want your receipt in a bag,” asked Margaret. “There you are. Thanks for shopping at Neu’s.”

Neu adds, “We had the distinct privilege of hiring Margaret to work for a bit. Polite, funny and kind, Margaret has been a great asset to Neu’s team. Though she opted to “retire” after putting in her hard work, she has been an inspiration to us all!”

The store has said if Margaret wants to come back out of retirement, they are ready for her.  

To read more and see a video of Margaret in action, click here.

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