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Just read your article and I agree 100%!

Kent Porter
Porters Building Centers

Just received the Jan/Feb edition. What a great layout. The resolution is super and the writing brisk. Just perfect for an iPad. Certainly far ahead of your old, stodgy competitors.

I also appreciate the very fine article on the water-saving One2flush. As I mentioned on the phone, orders began arriving immediately upon publication of the story. Awareness leads to trials, and trials lead to repeat purchases. What more could we ask.

Wishing you continued success,

Patrick Hanna

“Love the look and easy to read. Great work!”

Annette Krznarich
You Find USA
Milwaukee, WI

“Thanks for The Hardware Connection link. I had a look at it and like what I see. By the way, I love the user interface.”

Ron Sherring
Industrial Plastics & Paints (Ace Hardware)
Victoria, BC, Canada

“A really good-looking magazine. The neat thing about this digital magazine is that it allows you to go directly to web sites or send e-mails directly to advertisers or columnists because all the links are hot.”

Dick Beal
Retired hardware retailer
Merritt Island, FL

“I just finished reading the current issue and thought you did a great job in providing useful, down-to-earth information and ideas for retailers. I was most impressed.”

Bob Vereen
Industry Consultant/Author
Indianapolis, IN

“Wow!!!!! I love your new magazine!! Great articles and insights! I hope to make it down next year for your conference. Keep up the good work!”

Dave Wolfe
Wolfe Ace Hardware
Lincoln, NE

“It looks very, very good to me. The articles are well written with current info and for the most part they are straightforward and to the point. What we are always interested in (as are we all) is a forum to be able to talk with other independent retailers about what trends are currently happening, dealer input on products, 4th quarter sales ideas, etc. I also like the new item info—sometimes those things slip by, especially when you may have back-to-back shows to go to.”

Stan Mattoon
Tri-State Ace Hardware
Moscow, ID

“I like the format! I think you have a winner. I have two dealers that I want you to add on your list.”

James W. Maze
Ace Hardware of Warsaw
Warsaw, IN

“Tom, this looks great! Love the idea, content, looks and focus.”

Tom Green
Mayer Paint and Hardware
Rochester, NY

“I like this format and in talking with venders, it seems that vendors feel this is a good way to communicate with all types of hardware dealers. I think this is the avenue for the future relationships. Please make my e-mail a part of your list.”

Dan Hitchcock
Ace Home Centers
Miami, FL

“Nice job Tom! I’ll look forward to reading it and will pass it along throughout my business. All the best to you.”

Rick Karp
Cole Hardware
San Francisco, CA

“I just had a chance to peruse your maiden issue of The Hardware Connection. I found several of the articles informative and plan to have my sons read them. I look forward to the next issue.”

Chip Kurzeka
Franklin’s Hardware
Woodland Hills, CA

“I just had a chance to look at The Hardware Connection. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to next quarter’s issue.”

Steve Haupt
Rains True Value Hardware & Building Supply
Emory, TX

The Hardware Connection looks quite interesting, especially to us at International who are remote from the vibrant U.S. hardware market. We will be reviewing this e-magazine and forwarding comments to you as we go.”

Joe Boulos
Chairman & General Manager
Ace Hardware – Lebanon

“As an Ace retailer/owner I enjoyed the magazine. Very informative, especially the Regional Reports.”

Ken Allen
Corona Ace Hardware
Tucson, AZ

“Congratulations on the new endeavor. It is great, I read cover to cover the minute I received it.”

Pat Partridge
National Account Manager
Ilco Corporation

“Just starting to digest the magazine. Looks great. I like the inventory discussion. Just think how old we must be when a dry issue like inventory control makes good reading! I like the idea of covering the issues more completely than the normal trade coverage. Makes it a more valuable piece. I’ll pass the link around.”

Alan Talman
Karp’s Hardware
E. Northport, NY

“I think the magazine is great. I browsed through, printed the pages I wanted and it was easy to navigate. Looking forward to the next issue.”

Scott Nyquist – Store Manager
Ace Hardware
Waukegan, IL

“I just received my issue of The Hardware Connection—absolutely outstanding!! The whole format is incredible—easy to read, easy to navigate, easy to the eyes—articles are excellent as well.   We have a website but we do not do any e-commerce on it. I feel we are really missing out and your article on Social Media hits the nail right on the head!”

Todd Fassnacht
The Henry Bierce Company
Tallmadge, Oh

“Good first issue. Keep focused on being different from other trade magazines that often get tossed unread as each issue seems about the same. Good luck!”

Jeff Schmidt
Schmidt’s & Serafine’s True Value
Waterbury, CT

“It looks great. Has the feel of a real magazine, even though it’s online. I thought the articles were relevant and well written.”

Rick Heuser
Handyman Hardware
St. Cloud, FL

“Thank you for this e-mail. I’ll read the trends in marketing strategy more carefully when I have time. That is a subject that is in my focus right now and I’ll look for more information on.”

Jared Littmann
K&B True Value
Annapolis, MD

“Thank you for this informative magazine. I own two small stores in Oregon and appreciate the useful information. The electronic format is great and the links directly to manufacturers will be helpful. Thank again for your efforts in producing the journal. I will be reading the magazine if just for Digby Hardware.”

Phillip Lehosit
Bandon Hardware Company
Bandon, OR

“Thanks for including us in the first issue—what an honor. I thought the cartoon was great; it hits home. The How’s Business section will be good info for us and other dealers so we can see what’s happening around us and in other areas. The social media article has good timing since this is something we are working on right now. Like the idea of being able to click on ads to get to the vendors—way to think out of the box. In the News keeps dealers up to date on others in business and we might even get some ideas for our stores. I wish this new venture the best.”

Don Keller
K&K True Value Hardware
Bettendorf, Iowa

“Very nice Tom & Team….Technology is a wonderful thing!”

Dan Miller
Director, Retail Operations
Ace Hardware Corporation

“I’ve enjoyed reading and re-reading your article, “High-Performance Retailing— Are You Minding Your P’s & Q’s,” in The Hardware Connection-Winter 2010 edition.”

Chuck Bool
A. Duchini, Inc.-Ace Hardware Center
Erie, PA

“One of my customers just sent me the link to your publication. This appears to be a great hardware magazine. I even recognized some of my customers in there. I would really like to receive your magazine as each issue is rolled out.”

Brad Geer
GM – Standard Hardware Distributors

“Let me compliment you for turning out such a polished, well- thought -out publication.”

Rick Stanits
National Sales Manager – Vista Information Services

“This magazine is fabulous. It is a high-quality electronic magazine with very interesting and informative articles.”

Bruce Johnson
Past President of NRHA

“Thanks for the e-magazine. I just subscribed to it and look forward to reading future issues.”

Mark Klonowski
Buyer – Dept 8
Ace Hardware Corp

“Excellent! Good articles and the links in the vendors’ ads are genius. Thanks for doing this!”

Dan Gust
Ace Hardware – Longmont
Longmont, CO

“This publication, believe it or not, held my interest. Our futures are dependent on understanding subjects like those represented in The Hardware Connection.”
Keep up the good work and thanks!

Kevin Bolender
Executive Do It Best Hardware
Ft Lauderdale, FL

“Great publication and project. Thank you, for your contribution to the retail hardware industry. I am forwarding to others in my company.”

Simon Shapiro
TAGS Hardware Inc.
Cambridge, MA

“This is great! This is just one of the tools that we all need to help us operate our stores better than the boxes. As an independent we have that greatest opportunity in the world to do it right, the most to gain and unfortunately the most to lose if we do not. My hat is off to you and your team that put this together. Keep the issues coming.”

Richard Johnson
Bailey’s True Value
Sanibel, FL

“The magazine was terrific and I felt like I was having a conversation with an old friend. Congratulations as I believe you have ‘nailed it’!”

Jeff Osborne
VP-DIY Business Unit – RivalWatch Inc

“Thanks for the link to your magazine. Being a small store on an island definitely has its own unique challenges!”

Jason Cooper
Island Hardware
Put-in-Bay, OH

“The fall issue of The Hardware Connection was the best to date. I cannot imagine a single hardware store that could not benefit from reading it. Keep it up!”

Lori Terpstra
Rylee’s Ace Hardware
Grand Rapids, MI

“I enjoy the magazine a lot. I like the very real information in the articles.”

Virgil Cox
Cox Hardware & Lumber
Houston, TX

“I wanted to say thank you for the great coverage in your magazine. You did a great job presenting the project and we appreciate you giving it attention.”

Michael Wynn
Sunshine Ace Hardware
Naples, FL

“The team at The Hardware Connection is really providing a valuable resource to the retail hardware industry. Keep up the great work!”

Paul McNally
National Account Representative
Harper Brush Works

“Nice job on this! Really well-done magazine—congrats!”

Marc Gimbel
City Hardware
Seattle, WA

“We have enjoyed all the great info in The Hardware Connection. Keep it up!”

Richard Trujillo
RTD Hardware
Las Cruces, NM

“I have been reading through the publication a bit at time—all week. I have enjoyed the info!! Thanks!! 

Karla Robson
Slavens True Value
Cortez, CO

“Nice article on niches. You guys put out a nice magazine for the industry.”

Matt Fonte
Crystal Park Hardware & Firearms
Canton, OH

“That is the BEST trade magazine I have come across. Tons of useful info, great articles, the product review idea is great, just really great – good work!”

Matt Mazzone
Mazzone True Value Hardware
Brooklyn, NY

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