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Elmer’s Products, Inc.

460 Polaris Parkway, Suite 500
Westerville, OH 43082
United States


Customer Service: 888-435-6377 or 614-985-2600


Today, Elmer’s offers a complete line of adhesives for school, craft, home & office and repair, as well as a line of presentation materials including foam boards and project display boards.
At Elmer’s, our mission is to help people create, build and learn for life. From teachers to woodworkers, and DIY’ers to Crafters, Elmer’s has a product line specially designed to meet changing consumer needs and to help ensure successful results.




Jeremy Schultz–Ace, True Value
jeremy.schultz@elmers.com 614-985-2760

Tom Wiberg–Do it Best, House Hasson, Handy Hardware, Emery Waterhouse, Wallace, Lancaster, Pacoa
tom.wiberg@elmers.com 704-929-0251

Karen Bencs–Blish Mize, Bostwick Braun, United
karen.bencs@elmers.com 262-496-9084


Facts—Find yourself in a sticky situation? We’ve got the answers!


GLUETORIAL — Use the GLUETORIAL™ to explore the many adhesive categories in addition to other products Elmer’s offers.


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