Hyde Regrout Product Review

Regrout™ Tool 



Hyde Tools is always coming up with something new and they’ve done it again. Removing old grout from a bathroom is almost as much fun as having a root canal and it typically takes a lot longer. Now Hyde has come out with the Regrout™ Tool, which not only makes the job easy but does it quickly, too.

The Regrout Tool is about the same size and shape as an electric engraving tool and you hold it much the same way, but the Regrout Tool actually acts like a mini jackhammer and literally cracks, chips and breaks up the grout without chipping or busting the actual tile. It comes with two carbide tips—one has a pointed tip and the other has a chisel tip—and it will remove grout up to 1/8” wide with ease.

When I was testing this product there were several people standing around watching and before I had gotten two square feet done they all were wanting to try using the Regrout Tool. They all agreed it was easy to use and quick. It turned out to be a great “Tom Sawyer” tool, as they did over half of the job while I watched.

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