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HANDy Bucket Builder | Bercom

The folks who brought us the HANDy Paint Pail have done it again with the HANDy Bucket Builder. This product is so simple it’s cool. The HANDy Bucket Builder is a plastic lid that fits on an empty five gallon bucket that is molded to hold a 2×4 either flat or on its edge. By taking two HANDy Bucket Builders and two six-foot (or whatever size you want) 2×4’s you can create a very stable sawhorse or a bench you can sit on.

This is a great item for anyone who needs a temporary sawhorse to work off or sit on. The best part is there aren’t any moving parts and you can carry your tools or parts in the buckets. You can also use another set of the HANDy Bucket Builders to stack two five-gallon buckets on top of each other and raise your work surface to work bench height. When you’re finished just stack everything together and store it in the corner.

The retail for the Bucket Builder is in the $9.99 range. For more information go to

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