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ECi Software Solutions

4400 Alliance Gateway Fwy.
Suite 154
Fort Worth, TX 76177
United States

Sales Contact: Randy Kwist
E-mail Address:
Sales: 817-662-3213
Customer Service: 817-662-3252

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ECI Solutions offer the two most powerful business management software solutions for the LBMH industry–Advantage and RockSolid POS. Our solutions are molded to your business needs and will help you reduce costs and increase productivity.


Learn how the right technology can improve customer service – click here to access whitepaper

We all know providing top notch customer service is crucial to the success of any business. Read this whitepaper to find out how choosing the right technology can aid and enhance the customer experience.


Succession Planning – What You Need to Know – click here to access whitepaper

Many hardware retailers are facing the issues of succession planning. Read this informative whitepaper to get tips on how to prepare for a smooth transition.


Twelve Ways to Compete With the Big Boxes – click here to access whitepaper

You CAN compete with and win over the big box stores? Read this informative whitepaper to find out how.

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