Apex Code Red Product Review

Code Red™ Series Demolition Tools


Apex Tool Group has some of the most trusted brands in our industry and now they have released the Code Red™ series of demolition tools under the Crescent® brand. The two products we tested were the Indexing Flat Pry Bar (#DB18X) and the Adjustable Pry Bar (DB16). Just when you thought you knew all about crow bars, Crescent has totally redefined the idea.

The Indexing Flat Pry Bar is a great idea—the head of the pry bar can actually pivot (indexing) so it will fit just about any application I can think of with more leverage than other pry bars on the market. The head is much wider than traditional crow bars, which allows the user to gain a much larger purchase area. It also has a nail puller feature that is much more effective, because the user can adjust the head to the maximum leverage point and also get into tight spaces. The Code Red Indexing Flat Pry Bar comes in two different sizes: 18″ and 30″.

Code-Red-Flat-Pry-BarThe Adjustable Pry Bar doesn’t have an indexing head, but it has an adjustable jaw that allows the user to adjust the jaw to the width of the truss or floor joist that they are trying to straighten much like you would a Crescent Wrench to a bolt head. The 16″ Adjustable Pry Bar jaw opens to 3.5″ so it will fit most applications. This tool can also be used as a pry bar and also comes in 24″ size.

You only need to pick up one of these tools to know they are serious tools built to take a beating and take on the toughest demolition and construction projects. Stop by the Apex booth and check it out. To see more go to  this video link or this video link.


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