Websites We Like

Here are some of our favorite websites that contain information of value to independent hardware/home improvement retailers…

  1. Hardlines
  2. The Hardware
  3. National Federation of Independent
  4. NFIB Small Business Update —
  5. NFIB Small Business Legislative News
  6. NFIB My Business magazine
  7. Retailer
  8. Footsteps
  9. National Association of Home Builders housing data
  10. Institute for Local
  11. ILSR Hometown Advantage Retail News
  12. ILSR New Rules Project
  13. Local
  14. Random
  15. Made in
  16. Still Made in
  17. Inc.
  18. Entrepreneur
  19. Business Alliance for Local Living Economies —
  20. American Independent Business Alliance —
  21. Doug Stephens: Retail Prophet Consulting
  22. Bob Phibbs: The Retail
  23. Resurg
  24. Paint Quality Institute —
  25. Extreme How-To magazine

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