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Access Hardware Ambassador Program Product Reviews.  In each issue of The Hardware Connection, Tom Chasteen, third-generation hardware store owner and publisher of The Hardware Connection, tests and reviews products with the help of his team of independent retailers.  Products are selected for review that excel in providing new and innovative features the testing team feels will be of interest to consumer and professional end users while impacting the bottom line of retailers.

  • Kamado Ceramic Grills

    Kamado Ceramic Grills The Louisiana Grills Kamado Series ceramic grills are truly a piece of work. Immediately you will notice the high-gloss black ceramic coating makes

  • LG Series Pellet Grills

    LG Series Pellet Grills Louisiana Grills has developed one of the premiere lines of pellet grills in the hardware industry today. If you have not used

  • Hyde Tools PivotPro™ Cleaning Wand

    PivotPro™ Cleaning Wand   have always respected companies that continue to improve upon their existing products and Hyde Tools is one of those companies. Hyde Tools

  • Uni-Fit® Socket and Rachet Set

    Uni-Fit® Socket and Rachet Set   Channellock has developed a very interesting Uni-Fit® pass-through socket/ratchet set design in a very compact case. There is nothing unique

  • Convenience Products – Touch ‘n Foam Product Review

    Touch ‘n Foam® Touch ‘n Foam® has been a solid seller in our stores for some time. The adhesive qualities of their Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

  • Ettore Products Company Product Review

    Grip ‘n Grab Ettore has one of the best extend-your-reach products on the market called the Grip ‘n Grab. There are several things that make the

  • Screwdriver Line

    Screwdriver Line Channellock is a remarkable company. They remain family owned and the fourth generation is firmly involved in day-to-day management of the company. The one

  • WD-40 Rust Remover Soak Product Review

    Rust Remover Soak WD-40 Company             WD 40 has added a really neat new product to the Specialist lineup of products called Rust Remover Soak. Rust

  • Wiss® Metal Snips, Scissors, Cable Cutter Product Review

    Metal Snips, Scissors, Cable Cutter Wiss®/Apex Tool Group             Wiss®, one of the oldest brands in our industry, is making a bold move to substantially improve

  • Krylon Dual® Superbond® Paint + Primer Product Review

    Dual® Superbond® Paint + Primer Krylon Leave it to the ingenious product designers at Krylon to take its premium product to the next level. New Dual®

  • Crescent® Connect Clamp System Product Review

    Crescent® Connect Clamp System Apex Tool Group Apex Tool has been on fire with new products this year. Leading the way was the Code Red™ product

  • WD-40 Product Review

    Specialist™ Line   WD-40, which is one of the most recognizable brands that any of us stock in our stores, continues to expand its Specialist™ line

  • Hyde Tools SuperFlexx™ Putty Knife Product Review

    SuperFlexx™ Putty Knife Hyde Tools, one of the oldest names in painter’s tools and in our industry, has just come out with a complete line of

  • Hyde Tools Quickly Clean™ Glove

    Quickly Clean™ Glove Hyde Tools has been serving the hardware channel and paint industry since 1875. Every year the company develops new products for the hardware

  • Podium Ladder Product Review

    Podium Ladder Werner Ladder, another “gold standard” brand in our industry, has just come out with a unique platform ladder called the Podium Ladder. These ladders

  • Artu Drill Bits Product Review

    Drill Bits ARTU USA is a neat little company that makes some cutting-edge drill bits. We tested two different kinds—one was their Multi-Purpose drill bit and

  • ShopVac Tool Mate Product Review

    Tool Mate Shop Vac has developed a neat new product called the Tool Mate. This innovative product combines a toolbox with a Shop Vac 2.5 gal

  • Sashco Slab Product Review

    Slab® Sashco Sealants is a family-owned business that has brought us great caulking products such as Lexel® and Big Stretch®. Now they have come out with

  • Krylon Dual Product Review

    Dual™ Paint + Primer Krylon has developed a complete line of Dual™ paint and primer in one spray paint, which is great. The products we tested

  • Hyde Regrout Product Review

    Regrout™ Tool Hyde Tools is always coming up with something new and they’ve done it again. Removing old grout from a bathroom is almost as much

  • Hyde Pivot Wands Product Review

    Pivot Nozzle Wands Have you ever seen a new product and thought to yourself “I wish I had thought of that?” Well, Hyde Tools has done

  • Hyde Pivot Jet Pro Product Review

    PivotJet™ Pro Hyde Tools is another “Blue Blood” company in our industry. They have been making quality painters’ tools long before my grandfather was running our

  • XLT™ Series Pliers

    XLT™ Series Pliers CHANNELLOCK® is celebrating its 127th year of manufacturing high-quality pliers and hand tools. After making pliers for all of these years you’re probably

  • Apex Odd Job Tool Product Review

    OddJob™ Multi-Tool Apex Tool Group, formally known as Cooper Tools, has one of the strongest families of tool brands in the industry today. Brands such as

  • Apex Code Red Product Review

    Code Red™ Series Demolition Tools Apex Tool Group has some of the most trusted brands in our industry and now they have released the Code Red™

  • Apex Tool Group Product Review

    Crescent® Connect Clamp System Apex Tool has been on fire with new products this year. Leading the way was the Code Red™ product line of demolition

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