Krud Kutter Calcium and Lime Stain Remover

KrudKutter_calc_lgKrud Kutter’s, Rust, Calcium and Lime Stain Remover is a really good all-around quality stain removing product. If your store is located in an area that has hard water or is high in minerals, then you definitely should consider stocking this product.

Krud Cutter’s Rust, Calcium and Lime Stain Remover works equally well indoors and outdoors , everything from removing calcium from shower heads and removing water stains on the house or rust stains on a concrete driveway. Heavier stains may need multiple applications, but nothing we have found works as well as Krud Kutter’s Rust, Calcium and Lime Stain Remover.

This product really does work as well as it does in this video:


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