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Concrete Cutters, Cut-off Machines, Augurs, Chain Saws, String Trimmers, Edgers, Blowers, Hedge Trimmers, Shop Vacuums

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STIHL TS 500i Cut-off Machine & STIHL TS 420 Cut-off Machine

STIHL GS 461 Concrete Cutter

STIHL BT 130 Earth Auger

STIHL SE 122 Shop Vacuum


There are no tougher jobs than those on construction sites and demolition operations. And a STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine can be an ideal companion on those jobs. STIHL cut-off machines are number one worldwide and they deliver superior power and convenient controls.




    Real People. STIHL People. | Tell us Your STIHL Story Videos:

  • Real People. STIHL People. | Tell us Your STIHL Story

    Many brands have stories, but few are based on reality. AT STIHL, our story is real. It's made of real history, real values and -- most importantly -- real people. From those who build STIHL, to those who use it, STIHL people share the same uncompromising commitment to quality. Their stories tell a better story than fiction ever could. And now you can share your story.
    Real People. STIHL People.
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  • Real People. STIHL People. Jason & Ashley Otte | Homeowners

    Jason and Ashley Ottey use STIHL products to take care of their property. Find out why they choose STIHL for their home's landscaping needs.

  • Real People. STIHL People. Matt & Brooke Wibbenmeyer | Homeowners

    Matt and Brooke Wibbenmeyer talk about why they choose STIHL for Matt's decorative concrete business. Find out the main reason why they depend on STIHL to get the job done.

  • Real People. STIHL People. Jamie Burger | Homeowner

    Jamie Burger, Presiding Commisioner of Scott County, convinced the Work Force Investment Board to invest in STIHL equipment because of its power and quality.

  • Real People. STIHL People. The Bocks | 3 Generations of Farmers

    Founded in 1874 by Alvin Bock (pronounced "Buck"), the Bock farm has remained in the family for over four generations. Today, Alvin's grandson Lee Bock manages the business, with help from his own son Austin and his father Larry. The 800 acres of land is split between beef cattle and crops. Although Lee currently runs operations, all three generations are proud of and committed to their farm and family. That means working hard every day - and depending on hardworking tools. According to Larry, that is why they choose STIHL products.

  • Real People. STIHL People. Bill Chambers | Disaster Relief Volunteer

    Meet Bill Chambers. A member of the local disaster relief team and chainsaw foreman, he has come to value the importance of quality tools, like STIHL.

  • Real People. STIHL People. Barry Booth | Timber Company Operator

    At B&B Timber Company, Barry Booth manufactures different products for the timber industry including railroad ties. Barry got started in the timber business at a young age after getting a degree in forestry. At B&B, STIHL begins their process...and ends their process. This is Barry's STIHL story.

  • Real People. STIHL People. Heather Slinker | Final Inspector

    As a Final Inspector, Heather Slinker picks up every STIHL trimmer that comes down the line. Nothing gets by without her approval. She ensures everything is installed properly, then starts and tests each product manually before it leaves the facility.

  • Real People. STIHL People. Zack Kline | Professional Landscaper

    Meet Zack Kline, CEO of A.I.R. Lawn Care, and find out why he chooses STIHL electric and battery products to help his business stay ecofriendly.

  • Real People. STIHL People. Dan Eddy | Firefighter

    As a firefighter for 15 years, Dan Eddy trusts STIHL equipment at work, and at home. Dan tells his story about using a STIHL chainsaw during a three-alarm fire.