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Clogged Filters.  Suction Loss.  Dust Clouds.

Right now, every homeowner, craftsman, and contractor without a Dust Deputy® is experiencing these problems and frustrations with their wet/dry vacuum.

Become their hero by helping them put an end to these problems by carrying the Dust Deputy in your store!

The patented Dust Deputy® cyclone eliminates these problems as well as the expensive maintenance of any make/size/model wet/dry vacuum by separating out dust & debris before it reaches the vacuum’s filter.

For over a decade, Dust Deputy customers have heralded it as one of the best products they’ve EVER purchased!

See more about what customers are saying, and learn more about the product and why it’s a MUST for your store.

The Dust Deputy ® is a patented and registered trademarked design by Oneida Air Systems, Inc.


    Oneida Air Systems Videos Videos:

  • Viper Scraper - Hand Scraping Wood Demo

    Oneida Air Systems' new Viper Scraper tool cleans while you work - eliminating downtime and helping create a smooth, polished finish. The Viper's unique design attaches to any wet/dry vacuum hose to collect waste at the source, saving you valuable time and money!

  • Dust Deputy - Change is Good | Oneida Air Systems, Inc.

    Change is good, except when it's your filter! No one likes having to remove, clean, or replace their shop vacuum's dirty clogged filter. It's messy, time consuming, and can be expensive!

  • The Industrial Dust Cobra Cyclonic Vacuum | July 2016

    Oneida Air Systems' Industrial Dust Cobra® is the system of choice for both hobbyist and professional craftsman looking for a powerful, compact, and versatile dust control system. It's patented design allows for more than 3x higher air performance when compared to traditional shop vacuums and works to minimize downtime by virtually eliminating filter clogging and suction loss.

    By combining the best features of both a dust collector and a shop vacuum, the portable Dust Cobra can be used in nearly any application for general shop clean-up or it can be connected directly to your tools for Complete Source Dust Collection.

  • The Amazing Dust Deputy® Cyclone

    Find out how this unique and simple design can revolutionize the way your customers use their wet/dry vacuums. No more suction loss & no more clogged filters!

    Compatible with any make/size/model shop vacuum, the Dust Deputy pays for itself and is consistently heralded as the best product our customers have ever purchased!

    Proudly Made in USA - By Craftsmen, for Craftsmen™

  • Universal Dust-Free Router Hood

    Oneida Air Systems' latest dust collection innovation captures and contains over 99% of router-generated chips & shavings, ensuring a dust-free work environment for contractors and professionals.