Nite Ize

5660 Central Ave.
Boulder, CO 80301
United States

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Customer Service Phone: (800) 678-6483

In 1989, Nite Ize started with one innovative product and has since grown to over 200 employees and 500+ products currently sold worldwide. We attribute our growth and success to the creative and collaborative culture that we value. Our work mantra can be summed up in on word – “Boom”. We are constantly seeking that “Boom” moment, whether it is the development of the next blockbuster product or delivery of the best customer service anyone has ever received.

    Nite Ize Videos:

  • Gear Tie Reusable Rubber Twist Tie

    Made of a sturdy, colorful rubber exterior with a strong bendable wire interior, the Gear Tie wraps, ties, and organizes medium-sized cords, devices, and tools, in a twist.

  • Dual CamJam Tie Down System

    The unique Dual CamJam System features a cam locking buckle with not one, but two integrated cam mechanisms. Like nothing else you've seen before, this buckle is independent from the strap making it completely adjustable and the simplest way for anyone to tie down just about anything.

  • NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace

    This universally sized NiteHowl LED necklace provides a full ring of light around a dog's neck, keeping them visible and safe at night.

  • Steelie Car Mount Kit

    The Steelie Car Mount Kit is the perfect phone holder for your car. It docks your phone to your dashboard in a snap, so it's visible, accessible, and right where you need it, everywhere you go.

  • Steelie Vent Mount Kit

    The Steelie Vent Mount Kit allows you to attach any smartphone to any dashboard vent, keeping your phone handy and hands-free in any vehicle.

  • Corporate Video

    The mission of Nite Ize is to create innovative, solution based products with quality, performance, and value at the core. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations in every way possible while conducting business with integrity, honesty, and respect for our team members, customers and partners.

  • Steelie FreeMount Car Mount Kit

    The sleek Steelie Dash Ball meets the versatility of the FreeMount Bracket with its impressive magnetic holding power, giving any phone holding and mounting capability in the vehicle you drive every day.

  • Gear Tie Mega

    All the benefits of the original Gear Tie are even bigger and stronger in the Gear Tie Mega Twist Tie. This Gear Tie comes in our largest sizes and has nearly double the diameter and more than double the strength of the original, allowing it to wrap, tie, and organize even the largest and heaviest items with a simple twist.

  • Gear Tie Cordables

    These rugged Gear Ties have an integrated stretch-loop on one end, allowing them to fit over cords of most sizes so they can remain attached to the cords to be conveniently available to wrap the cord whenever needed.