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ECi’s LBMH software serve small-to-medium-sized hardware stores and home centers, lumber and building materials dealers, feed stores and other related businesses. Our solutions automate daily processes and unify all aspects of business, helping to improve efficiency and increase profitability. All software are cloud-based, allowing even the smallest dealer to enter the marketplace and compete.



A cloud-based hardware store software which reduces upfront fees and server/software maintenance, and is easily scalable as your business grows. Click here to learn more.



An all-inclusive, cloud-based software for every aspect of a lumber and building materials business—POS to inventory  to accounting. Click here to learn more.


We support EDI communications with most major wholesalers and co-ops

Spruce and RockSolid MAX offer EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration with many industry wholesalers and co-ops. EDI lets you securely and reliably place orders with these companies. In many cases, it also lets you receive remittance advice, invoices, price updates, catalog updates, item images and more. Dealers find that using EDI increases productivity and results in fewer expensive, time-consuming errors.


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