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Big Time Products® started as an idea sketched on a napkin in 2003 by two retail experts who wanted to build a better product. Just a few short years later, BTP has grown to be the largest supplier of high performance work gloves in the U.S. BTP leads the industry in work, garden, automotive and household glove categories.

BTP products are available in major retail stores as well as your local hardware stores across the country. As niche specialists, BTP has proved successful at keeping their customers loyalty and satisfaction through excellent service, quality products and fast turnaround on orders.

For these reasons and more, Big Time Products is recognized as the source for “the next generation of gloves.” The company’s high quality products, outstanding customer service and award-winning packaging have had a dramatic impact on the glove business. BTP’s impressive growth over the past five years gained popularity with Inc.® and Entrepreneur ® magazines.


Big Time Products launches two new products to its thriving True Grip® and Firm Grip® hardware brands.

Big Time Products, the leader in work, garden, automotive, and household cleaning hand protection categories, is launching two new products to its thriving True Grip® and Firm Grip® hardware brands. After reinventing the high performance work glove, Big Time is reimagining the dipped category by increasing innovation and performance.
Historically the Industry’s standard for a latex dipped glove has been a crinkle latex coating on a loose cotton knit shell, allowing the glove to stretch and lose fit over time. The NEW Latex Coated Honeycomb Grip ™ features a tight knit polyester shell for fit and breathability in a high visibility color for safety. The honeycomb embossed foam latex offers higher flexibility than standard dip, while also increasing comfort and decreasing hand fatigue.

Joining the Latex Coated Honeycomb Grip ™ on shelves in 2016 is the NEW Nitrile Coated Water Resistant glove in both the True Grip® and Firm Grip® brands. This double dipped glove provides a barrier between the consumer and the wet project applications he or she is engaged in. The latex free sandy nitrile finish offers increased durability.
Innovation drives Big Time Products. This forward thinking results in the Company anticipating and resolving both the needs of the Industry and the Consumer.


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